Mini Meatloaf Muffins!!


What’s for dinner tonight? Well Thanks to a friend texting me yesterday asking about a recipe I have had meatloaf on the brain. Seeing as I started a new semester at school last night I didn’t get to make dinner, so I made it tonight!

Mini Meatloaf Muffins for the win!! And it just hit the spot

Whatcha gonna need?


Ground Turkey.. one package of Jenni O extra lean is what I used

BACON!! Uncured I like best

Some ketchup, or I had to use BBQ sauce cause well the ketchup went missing

Parmesan cheese as a binding agent instead of bread crumbs

One egg

Worcestershire sauce

Favorite meatloaf seasonings… I used garlic, salt, montreal steak seasoning, and onion powder

Kitchen utensils:

Bowl for mixing

1 oz ice cream scooper, you know the one I use for just about anything including cookies

Mini muffin pan

Oven, well duh!!

Clean hands

So I plop everything into the bowl and start squishing until its all combined

Next I take the ice cream scooper and fill the mini muffin pan… outta the 24 molds I used 22

Then I sliced 4 pieces of bacon into one inch strips and placed them on top of each mound o meat.

Yes i know there are no measurements to this recipe, cause this is just an eye it kinda recipe, sorry!!! I don’t do this often ya’ll

I popped them into an oven for 30 mins, but shoulda done 25 mins, at a temp of 350

And that is it! So easy, so simple, just plain satisfying. I also served this with mashed cauliflower.


his plate was empty and he was one happy boy

this is what was left when i was done eating… The Baker enjoyed his plate too, Image


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